Dogwood Pass

Enter the gates, take a step back in time.


We have added more dates and a variety of times for our shows. Plan a trip to visit the town this summer!


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Haunt begins at dusk until midnight. (Roughly 7PM-10PM)

Step back in time to the old west

Dogwood Pass is a replica of an old west mining town set in the foothills of southern Ohio.

Tour the town!

The Saloon was the first building constructed at Dogwood Pass. It was originally intended to be a hang out spot for friends and family. The owner Mike Montgomery called it his, “man cave”. Soon after he looked at the Saloon and realized that something was not quite right. If you are going to have a Saloon, what’s the next building that is essential for an old west town? The Jail! And that is when the town Dogwood Pass was born.

Weekend Wild West Shows

Every WEEKEND during the warmer months Dogwood Pass offers select shows (when there is not a scheduled festival) at noon, 1:00 PM, & 3:00 PM. Shows are only available on the WEEKENDS.

Hours of Operation

The Horror at Dogwood Pass is now open.

Friday & Saturdays from dusk until midnight. (roughly between 7PM-12AM)

Daily Tours of the town Wed-Sunday






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