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Dogwood Pass Run June 3rd, 2018

Take a step back in time! Join us for the 2018 Dogwood Pass Run!


If you ever wanted to be a cowboy for a day then this 5K & 10 Miler race is for you.

2018 5K / 10 Mile

This 5K & 10 mile runs through this hills and around the town of Dogwood Pass, the replica of an old west town complete with an Old Saloon, Jail, Gun Shop and Livery Stable.  Both the 5k and 10 mile start at 10:00 AM

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Dogwood Pass Run Flyer

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Why run this race? Because everyone wants to be a cowboy!

What is Dogwood Pass?

Dogwood Pass is replica of an old west town set in the hills of southern Ohio. Walk through the gates and step back in time of the old west. The venue has an old saloon, jail, mercantile, bank, gun shop, old west bath house, church, freight office, livery stable, undertaker old west photos, and much more.

Come and enjoy touring the mayor’s living quarters, chicago-style girls deck, bath house, town hall, blacksmith shop, chuck wagon, teepee and cabins. also included is a row of storefronts which include a range office, barber/dentist office, the redbird dance hall, telegraph office, Jeremiah’s Fur Trade and a meat market.

Race Info:

Race Date: Sunday June 3rd, 2018

Race Start Time: 5K and 10 Miler start is at 9am sharp!

Race Highlights!

Watch an old Wild Wild West Gunfight reenactment with the townspeople!

Old West Style Bartenders and Saloon Girls will serve your favorite non-alcoholic beverages in the Saloon!

Tour the Roy Rogers Museum! Southern Ohio is the boyhood home of Roy Rogers. See actual memorabilia from his music and movies that made him a legend in these parts and around the world!

Real Gunpowder Cannon Race Start! 

Chuck Wagon Ham & Beans cooked over  an open fire served by Cowboys, complimentary with your race registration!

U.S. 5th Calvary Regiment on horseback along the courses!

30 signs along the courses, all facts about the Wild West! 

Race Bling! Race Registration Includes:

Complimentary entrance into Dogwood Pass Old West Town Saturday June 2nd and Race Day Sunday June 3rd. 

Wild West T-Shirt

PARTICIPANT MEDAL! Yes! Earn your “Sheriff’s Badge” when you compete the 5K & 10 mile! Every participant will receive a medal fit for a Sheriff to run the Outlaws out of town!

Complimentary Chuck Wagon ham and beans! Which is prepared in large kettles over an open campfire. Perfect for that post race grub! One bowl provided, additional bowls are $2 each. 

Pace Teams for the 10 mile runners.


Early Bird Registration; 

2/1/2018 – 4/30/2018  

5k:$30 10 Mile: $55

5/1/2018 – 6/03/2018 

5k: $40 10 Mile: $65

Race Day Registration starts at 7:30am in the Saloon and closes at 8:45 sharp!

Dogwood Pass 2018 Run Medal Sheriff

2018 Dogwood Pass Run Medal

Course Maps

The race courses are set in the scenic areas of Pike County. Run along beautiful winding country roads and experience the local wildlife! Additionally horses, deer, fox, coyote, wild turkey and pheasants are known to be seen in these parts. 

5k Course

5K Course is fast and flat. 15 signs along the course will test your knowledge of the old frontier and the wide open range! 

5k Elevation

10 Mile Course

10 Mile Course is fast and flat, with one hill. It wouldn’t be a true Wild West Run if we didn’t test your Guts and Grit. The “Bootlegger Hill” is at mile 3.5 and is 1/2 mile in length. The reward for your effort at the top is you get to “Shoot an Old West Pistol” at the top! After that the race is downhill and flat! 

10 Mile Elevation

Members of the Ohio 7th Calvary Unit on horseback will be on the courses and encourage you on your journey! There are 30 signs on the course that will take you back to the late 1800’s when boom towns were a way of life!

Packet Pick Up

Early Packet Pick Up

Saturday June 2nd from 2pm-7pm. 

Location: In the Saloon

Dogwood Pass, 722 Adams Road, Beaver OH 45613

Race Day Packet Pick Up is Sunday June 3rd from 7:45am-8:45am

Location: Outside the Saloon

Dogwood Pass, 722 Adams Road, Beaver OH 45613

Race Day Sign Ups:

Location: In the Saloon

Dogwood Pass, 722 Adams Road, Beaver OH 45613

Pace Teams

Pace Team Information

As a benefit to the 10 Mile runners, the Pace Team will be there for you. We will be offering pace groups led by experienced pacers for a wide variety of times.  We hope you will find this support useful as you strive to achieve your goals.

2nd Annual Dogwood Pass Run Pace Teams

Pace Teams

Dogwood Pass Run Pace Teams 2018

A pace team is a group of runners led by an experienced leader who run together during the race. The pace leader runs a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so that the group can achieve their goal of finishing the race at a particular time. 

There are wonderful benefits of running with a pace group. You'll be supported by a cheerful leader and will be side by side with other runners sharing the same goal as you.

The Pace Team promises to provide fun and excitement for both first time, and experienced longer distance runners looking to reach their running goals - whether it’s a personal best, or just getting across the finish line. Below are the answers to a few common questions about the Pace Team.   

Where do the Pacers come from and how can I learn more about them?  All of our Pacers were chosen because of their years of running many marathons around the country but most importantly their extensive marathon pacing experience. Our Pacers are dynamic and personable, and know from past experience exactly what it takes to help you have a great marathon experience. 

Click here to read pacer bios. 

Pace Team FAQ

What does it cost to run with the Pace Team?   The Pace Team is free to registered runners and doesn't cost you anything!

How do I sign up to run with the Pace Team?  The Pacers will be at the packet pickup area at the expo on Saturday.

How will the Pacers be running the race?   Every pace leader will be holding a steady pace throughout the marathon. These "even splits" are the best way to achieve your peak performance in the race.

Will the Pacers start out on pace exactly? How do they do that!?   The guys and gals serving as Pace Leaders are very experienced and know their pace well. Sometimes at the start it's crowded and may take a couple of miles to settle into a steady pace. Most importantly, they won't take you out too fast and burn up all your energy early on.   

Where will my Pace Leader be on race morning?
  About 30 minutes before the start we'll be assembling in the starting area. About 15 minutes before the start the Pacer will give you some last minute instructions about running with the group. They will talk about the course, their strategy for “Bootlegger Hill,” what to do if you need a break, and how to make it through the water stops. 

Now is the time to ask any last minute questions you may have.  

What will the Pace Leader do at the water stations?
  The Pacer will usually slow down or walk through the water stops. Listen for this information during the last minute instructions.  

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 2nd Annual Dogwood Pass Run 5K & 10 Mile Run Beaver Ohio Sheriff Western World Brimstone Saint
 2nd Annual Dogwood Pass Run 5K & 10 Mile Run Beaver Ohio Sheriff Western World Brimstone Saint

Lodging (Download PDF)

Please Dowload the following PDF file for a list of local lodging with pictures.




For questions about the race, please email us at:

For questions about Volunteering,

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For Questions about the Pace Teams, 

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For questions about Dogwood Pass specifically, email us at:

Dogwood Pass

722 Adams Rd, Beaver, Ohio 45613, United States

(740) 835 - 1130

All New Haunted House & Escape Room!

The Horror at Dogwood Pass!

The All NEW HAUNTED TRAIL at Dogwood Pass starts October 5th and 6th from dark to midnight and runs

The All NEW HAUNTED TRAIL at Dogwood Pass starts October 5th and 6th from dark to midnight and runs 4 weekends in October. Admission $15. 

The Dogwood Pass ESCAPE ROOM is an extra $10.

Parental guidance is advised. Also new this year before or after you try the Haunted Trail, take your chance at: The Dogwood Pass ESCAPE ROOM! $10

DATES: OCT. 5 & 6th, 12th & 13th, 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th.